Pointer Pit Bull Mix – Is This Lively Cross The Right Choice For You

Pointer Pit Bull Mixes Are A Popular Breed And They Can Be Very Loyal To Their Owners

There are many reasons why people choose to own a pointer pit bull mix. Some of them include:

They are very loyal to their owners. They have good temperaments and they don’t bite easily. They are easy to train and they love attention from everyone around them.

However, there are some other reasons as well; however, these reasons aren’t necessarily true for all pointer pit bull mixes.

Some people believe that pointer pit bull mixes are aggressive. However, it is not true for all of them. There are some pointers that are extremely friendly and loving towards their human family members.

These types of dogs tend to be very affectionate with humans and they love to cuddle with them. Other than being affectionate, these dogs may also display a certain amount of dominance when needed or if someone tries to harm them.

They may snap or bite another dog or a human if they feel that their family is in danger. While they are not necessarily born fighters, they do have some strong protective instincts and they will most likely chase away any animal that comes too close to their territory. However, some pointer pit bull mixes have been known to be nervous and jumpy as well.

On the other hand, there are also some that are very friendly towards other dogs and even humans. They are very playful and they enjoy the company of other people and animals.

Despite the fact that some people believe pointer pit bull mixes to be aggressive, this is a common misconception. In reality, these dogs are no more aggressive than most other dog breeds. With proper training and socialization, the dog will learn to behave around other people and animals.

Pointer pit bull mixes are very energetic, but also very friendly. Just like all breeds of dogs, they have different personalities.

pointers are so playful and fun loving that you would think they are part retriever! They love games and activities, and are an extremely intelligent breed (just like the pitbull). They are eager to please their owners and want to be involved in everything you do.

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If you’re looking for a couch potato, the pointer isn’t the breed for you. They like to be on the go and enjoy outdoor activities. Hunting, hiking, jogging and biking are just a few examples of activities your pointer will enjoy if you give them the chance. With proper training, a well-mannered pointer can compete in dog agility trials, obedience, rally, flyball, trick competitions and even herding sheep! There are some very skilled Pointers out there, but owners need to remember that training takes time and consistency.

Like most dogs, pointers can be prone to certain health problems. Some of these may include: allergies, cancer, ear infections and hip dysplasia. Health problems are common in all breeds of dogs, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of your dog experiencing these issues.

One of the most important is to make sure you visit the vet for a check up once or twice a year. Many times, health problems don’t show up until your dog is a few years old or even later. For this reason, it is important to start off with a good vet that you trust. Once you find one you like, stick with them. Having the same vet ensures they will be able to quickly identify any issues your dog develops and can quickly treat them.

Another tip to keeping your dog happy and healthy is to make sure they get lots of exercise. Dogs are animals that were bred to perform a job, that job is to hunt. Whether it be antelope in the wild or ducks in a farm, dogs like to run and be active.

If they don’t get the exercise they need, many will develop behavior problems such as chewing, barking and hyperactivity. Exercise also keeps your dog’s mind sharp and lowers the risk of dementia in older dogs. There are many ways to exercise you dog. A few of these are throwing a ball, taking walks, jogging or hiking and going to a dog park. As with anything, you need to find out what your dog likes and what they’re good at. If they like chasing a ball and you throw it in the river, they aren’t going to be too happy. However, if you take them on long walks everyday, they are less likely to want to chew your stuff or get into trouble.

With a few tips and suggestions, you should have no problem keeping your dog happy and healthy for many years to come.


by Catie

Have you ever gone to a dog fight?

Well you need to go to one. I have went to three in my whole life. The first one was at this guys farm. His dogs were little rat terriers, they were so cute! One was gray and white, the other was all black, they had big ears and looked like little bears. They were so cute when they fought too. They would jump at each other and try to bite eahcothers neck. The black one would usually win but the gray one wouldn’t give up, she bit the black ones nose and it started to bleed! It was so cool!

The next dog fight was at this guys house. He didn’t have any dogs though so we decided to fight our cats. We tied our cats’ front paws up so they couldn’t scratch us and then made them fight.

The cats didn’t seem to like it, they kept meowing really loudly. It was still kind of cool to watch though.

The next dog fight was the best one though. The one my brother went to had Pitbulls fighting! They were so cool!

They just tore into each other and bit each others faces. It was gross but so cool at the same time!

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Anyway, thats my experience with dog fights. They are really fun to watch and you get to see some dogs be really mean.

Catie’s Corner: Dogs are really cool.

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