Poodle Lifespan – How Long Do Poodles Live

Poodle Lifespan: How Long Do Poodles Live?

The average life span of a toy poodle is 7 years. That’s why it’s very important to choose a good quality dog food, which contains all the nutrients required for your pet. A well fed puppy will grow up healthy and strong. Toy poodles are not known to get cancer or other diseases like other breeds of dogs. They have a longer life expectancy than any other breed of dog.

How many years does a toy poodle live?

In general, they live for around seven years. However, some puppies may live much longer. There are different types of poodles, such as Standard and Miniature Poodles. Some of them might live for 10 years or even 15 years! It depends on their genetic make up and environment.

A toy poodle is a small dog with short legs and thick coat. Their weight ranges from 1 kg (2 lbs) to 2 kg (4 lbs).

They usually weigh between 0.5 to 1 kg (1 lb – 4 lbs). A toy poodle’s height varies from under 6 inches at the withers to over 8 inches at the shoulder blades.

Standard Poodles: These are the most common type of toy poodle. The height of a standard poodle should be at least 15 cm (6 in) at the withers (shoulders) and it should be proportionate to the body.

The weight of a male standard poodle should be between 16-32 kg (35-70 lbs). The weight of a female standard poodle should be between 11-24 kg (24-53 lbs).

There are 3 types of Poodles. They are:

Toy Poodles

These are the smallest of all Poodles. The minimum height of a male Poodle is 45 cm (17.5 in) while the minimum height for a female poodle is 38 cm (15 in).

Despite their small size, they are very intelligent. They can easily learn how to obey commands from their master. They love people and are a very social dog breed. They are also affectionate and love spending time with their family.

These poodles have a fine, glossy coat that comes in a variety of colors such as grey, white, brown, black or silver. A show quality toy poodle must have a black nose.

Many people are attracted to this dog because it is very different from all other toy breeds out there. It is extremely cute and cuddly.

Miniature Poodles

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These are still much smaller than standard poodles. The minimum height of a male Miniature poodle is 50 cm (20 in) while the minimum height for a female poodle is 40 cm (16 in).

They shed quite a bit, so they are not preferred if you have allergies. They love water and are very athletic. If you want a dog to fetch, this one is perfect for you. They can learn many tricks and commands. They can even be protective of your home and property.

These poodles have a fine, glossy coat like the toy poodles. They come in a wide range of colors such as black, white, grey, brown, apricot, red and silver.

A show quality miniature poodle must have a black nose.

There are many different types of poodles. They come in three sizes and have different coats, colors and patterns.

The smallest ones are the toy poodles. The largest ones are the miniature poodles. The medium-sized poodles are called the standard poodles. All three types of poodles have different characteristics.

Which type of poodle is the best?

The choice is up to you and depends on what you like and what you want in a dog. Each type has its pros and cons, but ultimately all three are great dogs if you want a companion.

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