Poogle – The Intelligent and Curious Beagle Poodle Mix

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Pogie is a breed of dog originating from England and originally bred for herding purposes. They are now popularly known as “beagle dogs” due to their resemblance to the breed of German Shepherd Dogs (which they share some physical characteristics).

They have been used as guard dogs since ancient times, but were not considered very intelligent until the 19th century when Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was published.

In the United States, they were first imported into America in 1879 and quickly became popular pets. By 1910 there were over 2 million poodles owned by Americans.

However, their popularity declined after World War II because many people had lost interest in them during the war years.

During the 1950s, they began being re-introduced into American homes again. Today, they are still popular pets in the United States and Canada.

There are approximately 20 million poodles living today. Their average life expectancy is 10 years old.

Pokels have a reputation for being friendly and lovable animals, but they do tend to be lazy and easily bored so it is best if kept indoors most of the time.

Poodlewatch Security (Poogle):

Ever heard of the expression, “the more things change, the more they stay the same?”

This was definitely true for our little friend, the Watch. As great as it was to get off that infernal rock for awhile, and as helpful as the folks at PSS were in getting us set up with a new ship (The Zee Zee Ris) we still had to face a lot of change.

Granted, all of us were glad to see Snuffit and the rest of them go. They were a rotten lot, but still, not to be trusted.

Plus, as our ranks had dwindled one more with just the eight of us left, we figured it was time to get back in the groove of things. We left the folks at PSS to rebuild the old Zee Zee Ris and flew our own ship back to Neopian Central.

Now, anyone who’s been paying attention to the events detailed in these logs may have noticed a slight change in the “status quo” of things. That’s right, after our near brush with death on several occasions, ourselves and the other left behinds have been wondering about our own mortality.

While we’re all more than ready to continue working and doing what we can in defense of the realm, we’ve started to wonder about… well, YOU know.

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Of course, the whole idea of “immortality” tends to be a bit of a touchy subject. I know it was for me when we first heard about it.

It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea, it’s just that… well, let’s just say I had my own reasons. After some discussion, we’ve narrowed our choices down to two options:

Become fully operational heroes (i.e.

super powers and all).

Or, go the “new route” and have our minds placed in robotic bodies. (No more “dentals” for us!)

I must say, it is quite the conundrum we have found ourselves in. However, I suppose all things considered we’re blessed just to be alive and still able to serve the realm in whatever way we can.

And if fate has decided that we are to die eventually no matter what form we choose… well, I guess that’s something we’ll have to accept. Anyway, the choice will be made soon and I will let you know all about it when we do.

Still, whatever we decide, I believe we’ll be ready. We’ve overcome so much and survived against all odds.

Surely we’ll be able to continue serving as the honor and glory of the REAL Royal Neopian Navy!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time….

Status as of 3-15-419 NY:

Captain Gruz reports that the “new crew” is settling into their new roles well. Both ships, while rebuilt to a degree that’s almost practically new, still retain their original names.

Poogle – The Intelligent and Curious Beagle Poodle Mix - Dog Puppy Site

This seems fitting for this crew of leftovers that have managed not only to survive and reclaim their lives, but also get promoted.

In fact, Gruz has taken on the unofficial name of “General” since his new position as head of the RNN now places him over not only a fleet, but also ground troops that are to be stationed at the old shipyard.

While it’s true that the Zalan Empire is no longer run by the original royal family, and has in fact been supplanted by a new one, it still holds many of its old traditions. One of those being that the original shipyards where the Nevelon-Class ships were originally made will be the home of the RNN’s main fleet.

There is also going to be a joint military presence there to help guard the ships, as well as protect the nearby town of Wesselton (Formerly Neovilla), which owes its allegiance to the new Emperor.

The RNN will also be charged with keeping routes open between Neovilla and the rest of the Zalan Empire, and defending that stretch of territory. While things are supposed to be peaceful now, it’s best to be prepared.

Work has already begun on opening up the main roads again and scout ships are mapping out possible routes.

Captain Krozer has been placed in charge of a second ship, which will be stationed at Neovilla to reinforce the flagship. Along with her new position she has also been given a special task by the Emperor, which is to find out what happened to her brother.

Any and all resources will be given to her for this task. She has been given an entire year to complete it.

The third Nevelon-Class ship, which had been under construction when the factory was shut down, has been completely scrapped. The parts and resources are to be re-purposed to the other two ships and the new shipyard.

The “new crew”, as you put it, are also honoring the original forty-niners in another way. Since there are now only forty-seven of you left, and since many of you have been placed in high ranking positions (You included), you decided that you would petition to have the name of your ship changed.

Poogle – The Intelligent and Curious Beagle Poodle Mix - | Dog Puppy Site

The current flagship will now be known as the “Forty-Seven Ronin”. After some slight alterations, the new crew sailed aboard their ship with a cheerful salute.

They left with the words, “Don’t forget us!” ringing in your ears.

You figure that this crew, while small in number, is going to be more than able to defend the trade routes, and that their former glory will only be eclipsed by their future accomplishments.

You also figure you’ll hear about any mistakes they make since you’ll be the ones most likely to suffer from them. That doesn’t really bother you though.

The RNN is now the home of the forty-seven ronin and you are all leaving on a new voyage.

You have removed all doubts about your future by creating a new beginning for yourself. You’ve decided that you like it…a lot.

Now, your time serving the Emperor will be spent in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

All things you thought you’d never have…

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