Purebred Vs Mutt – Are Mixed Breed Dogs Healthier

What Is A Mutt?

A dog is considered a “mutt” if it has been bred from two different individuals. Mutts are generally smaller than purebred dogs, but they tend to weigh less too. They may or may not have any white markings on their bodies. Some mongrels have red eyes while others don’t. They come in all colors of the rainbow including black, tan, silver, chocolate and even some with whiskers!

Are Mutts Healthier Than Purebred Dogs?

The answer is no! Mutts are just like any other dog, but there are many myths surrounding them. If you’re thinking that your mutt might be one of those, then read on.

Mutt Health: Myth Or Reality?

Some people believe that mutts are healthier because they’ve never had diseases such as cancer or heart disease. However, these same people will say that purebred dogs have these diseases too.

So why does this matter?

The reason why this matters is because you don’t know what diseases your dog has or doesn’t have. You wouldn’t want a diseased dog, so you don’t want a dog which can easily get one (such as a purebred dog). However, some people believe that mutts are more resistant to diseases.

If your choice was between two dogs, one a purebred and one being a mixed breed of any kind, which would you choose?

We’re betting you’d choose the mixed breed.

But why?

It isn’t becuase you’re a sucker, it’s because mutts are prone to many health problems as well as being prone to diseases. Not to mention that your mixed breed dog is less likely to live as long as your purebred dog!

So, mutts are NOT healthier than purebreds. They are just as prone to diseases, the difference is that they haven’t been tested and/or seen by a vet as much.

What Is A Purebred Dog?

A purebred dog is a dog of a particular breed which comes from generations of selective breeding. If two purebred dogs from the same breed have puppies, then those puppies will most likely be the same breed as their parents.

Dogs bred this way tend to have certain physical traits, such as size, hair type and color, and even more specific traits such as eye shape and nose length. Dogs of the same breed are also likely to behave in a similar way and have common health problems.

Are Purebred Dogs Healthier Than Mutts?

Yes! Dogs which come from generations of selective breeding are generally much healthier than mixed breed dogs. This is mainly due to the fact that they are bred to have fewer health problems. For example, a Labrador Retriever has a much lower chance of getting hip dysplasia (a painful degenerative disease of the hips) than a mixed breed dog or even a non-purebred Labrador Retriever!

However, breeding does not guarantee total protection from disease. Although rare, purebred dogs can and do suffer from genetic disorders. One of the most famous examples of this is the English Bulldog.

This wrinkly faced dog used to be a strong and energetic animal, but inbreeding has turned it into a weak and deformed creature.

Is My Purebred Dog Healthier Than Other Purebred Dogs?

No! Although some purebred dogs are prone to certain diseases and disorders, another dog of the same breed could be completely different. It all depends on the genetics. For example, you could have two Scottish Terriers with completely different builds, colors, and length of life spans.

So Are Purebred Dogs Healthier?

Yes! Although a mixed breed dog has a lower chance of getting certain diseases or disorders, a purebred dog is less likely to have other health issues which it is prone to.

So Which Is Better?

It’s up to you! If you want a dog which will probably live a long and healthy life, get a purebred dog. If you want a dog with a lower chance of getting diseases or physical disorders, then get a purebred dog. If you want a dog with a lower chance of having any major genetic disorders, then get a purebred dog.

However, if you want a nice dog with a fun personality which doesn’t necessarily have to last a long time or be super healthy, then get a mixed breed dog. They are usually just as loving!

Do You Recommend Purebred Or Mixed Breed Dogs?

We think that it’s great to save a dog from being put down, but you should never buy a dog just because it’s cheap. You should only get a dog if you are going to be able to take care of it properly and make sure it has a good life.

If you already have a mixed breed dog and you want to get another one, then that’s great! You already have a loving pet which is probably much better than some other dogs out there!

How Do I Pick Out A Good Mixed Breed Dog?

Pick out a mixed breed dog the same way you would pick out a purebred. Pick one that fits your personality and lifestyle.

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