Raw Food for Puppies: How to Feed Your Puppy on Natural Raw Food

Raw Diet for Dogs – Pros & Cons

The following are some of the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet:

1) You can feed your dog fresh meat from any source.

If it’s not safe to eat, then don’t feed it! (See #2)

2) There is no need to worry about contamination with harmful bacteria or parasites.

All pathogens have been destroyed during cooking and processing. No risk at all!

3) You can feed your dog a variety of meats and organs, which are less likely to cause health problems than processed foods.

4) You can feed your dog a high quality diet without worrying about the cost of buying commercial pet food.

Most raw diets are very affordable compared to commercial pet foods. They’re also much healthier!

There are many advantages to feeding your dogs a raw diet:

1) Less expensive than purchasing commercial pet food!

2) More nutritious and healthy.

3) Better taste!

If you have any questions regarding feeding your dog a raw diet, please feel free to contact us today!

Raw Food for Puppies: How to Feed Your Puppy on Natural Raw Food - DogPuppySite

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