Red Dog Breeds – 20 Striking Examples To Choose From

Red Water Dogs: A Brief History Of Their Origin And Evolution

The origin of red dogs is unknown. There are theories that they were domesticated from wolves or even wild boar. However, there are no solid evidences supporting these claims. Some say it was a mixture between domesticating wolves and boars. Others believe that they originated from the ancient Egyptians who used them as symbols of life giving power.

In any case, red dogs have been around since ancient times. They were used as symbols of royalty, courage and strength. In fact, the word “red” comes from the Greek words rondos (meaning red) and dæmono (meaning god).

So why did people start using them as a symbol of death?

Well, according to some experts, it could be due to their association with blood sacrifice.

It’s believed that red dogs were originally used as sacrificial victims during religious ceremonies. These rituals involved cutting open the victim’s body and pouring out its blood into a bowl of wine. According to some accounts, the blood would then be drunk by priests and sacrificed to various gods.

But what if it wasn’t just humans who were killed for their blood? What if other animals too were part of such sacrifices? Could it not have been dogs too?

These are just theories of course. But whether or not they are true, one thing is certain: red dogs have been around for a very long time and have played a role in human culture. And their role isn’t just that of sacrificial victim or loyal companion. The red dog is a symbol of courage, strength and dignity. Indeed, these are traits held by the most fearsome of animals and the most admirable of men.

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