Red Merle Australian Shepherd Dog – Facts And Fun

Red merle is a type of dog breed originating from Australia. They are known for their red coats which are usually darker than other breeds. There are several different types of red merles such as:

1) Standard Red Merle (also called “Cream” or “Rough”)

2) Chocolate Red Merle (also called “Chocorino”)

3) Light Brown Red Merle (also called “Taupe” or “Pale Cream”)

4) Black Red Merle (also called “Black”)

The standard red merle is one of the most popular types of dogs in Australia. It is considered to be a very loyal companion and a good family pet.

There are many different color variations of red merles. Some varieties have lighter or darker markings while others have a mixture of both. The following table shows some common red merle colors:

Color Description White/Silver Red A light reddish brown with silver highlights. Black Red A dark reddish brown with black highlights. Blue-Green Green A medium green with blue highlights. Tan A pale yellow coloration with tan highlights. Beige A pale tan coloration with beige highlights.

Red merles are great dogs for the whole family; they get along well with children, other dogs, and even pets and wildlife. They make excellent farm dogs due to their natural instinct to herd. However they may run off or chase animals that can hurt them or get lost. They are also protective of their owners and will act aggressively towards strange people and animals.

Most red merles have a life span of about 10 to 15 years. They are very energetic and need plenty of space to run around and play; they are not recommended for apartment living.

There are several things to consider before getting a red merle:

• Space: Red merles need plenty of space to run and play as well as time outside. If you live in an apartment or condo you may want to reconsider as they can be destructive if bored.

• Exercise: As red merles are very energetic they require regular exercise. A long walk or jog every day is a good start, but it is best if you have a yard you can play fetch with them in. Without enough exercise they can become noisy and destructive.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd Dog – Facts And Fun - Dog Puppy Site

• Grooming: Red merles tend to shed throughout the year, especially during seasonal changes. It is recommended that they are brushed on a weekly basis to reduce loose hair.

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