Red Nose Pitbull – Pros, Cons And FAQ

Red Nose Pitbull Pros:

They are very loyal and affectionate. They are not aggressive towards humans or other animals. They do not bark excessively.

Their temperament is friendly and gentle. Red noses have been known to be good with children and puppies. There is no evidence that they bite their owners if they feel threatened or hurt them physically. Some breeders claim that red noses will attack anyone, but this is untrue!

Red Nose Pitbull Cons:

Some red noses may be prone to aggression when they are young. They tend to growl and bark at strangers. They are not social dogs, they prefer solitude.

Some red noses are prone to separation anxiety. If left alone too long, some red noses become bored and destructive. Some red noses need a lot of exercise and love attention from their human companions. They are not suited for families where there is no adult supervision.

Red Nose Pitbull FAQ:

What is the difference between a red nose pit bull and a blue nose pit bull?

A red nose pit bull is one of the most popular breeds today. These dogs were originally bred to fight each other and they still do occasionally, however these days they are used primarily for show ring performances. The red nose pitbull has a bloodline that is different from the blue nose pit bull. They are bred to have shorter noses and different colors than the blue nose pitbull.

Do red nose pit bulls attack humans?

It is extremely rare for a pit bull to attack a human, however if they do bite someone then the reason is probably fear rather than aggression. Red noses are sometimes over protective of their owners and when a stranger gets to close they may snap or even bite. These dogs are very loving and affectionate with their owners and often protective, but they do not have a tendency to be aggressive or vicious towards humans unless they feel threatened.

Are red noses good with kids?

While most pit bulls like children, the pit bull is not a breed recommended for families with small children as they have lots of energy and sometimes do not know their own strength crushing a child accidentally while rough housing could be disastrous. Red nose pit bulls are extremely loving dogs and very gentle with children. They have excellent temperaments and they get on well in homes where there are children in the family.

A Brief History of The Red Nose Pitbull

The bloodline of the red nose pitbull is a combination of other pit bull bloodlines. It was bred from films in the 1800’s to create dogs that looked more like pit bulls but fought like bulldogs. These fighting dogs were bred for the sole purpose of fighting other animals, including horses and even bears!

The Pit Bull was always intended to be a family pet and over the years has proven to make an excellent pet. They are extremely loyal and protective of their loved ones.

They may be too much dog for small children as they are very energetic and strong, however teenagers and adults will get on well with this breed. They are intelligent and learn new things quickly. They need a dominant owner that will establish themselves as the “leader of the pack” otherwise they may start to try and take over the household!

Red Nose Pitbull Appearance

The appearance of the red nose pit bull is very similar to other pit bulls. They have short coats that are fairly easy to maintain, as they don’t tend to get too dirty or matted too easily. They are muscular creatures with strong round heads and powerful jaws.

The typical weight range is between 55 and 80 pounds, with a height of around 2 foot 4 inches to 3 foot 4 inches tall. They have short fur that almost resembles the look of Dilophosaurus in the Jurassic Park films.

Red Nose Pitbull – Pros, Cons And FAQ - Dog Puppy Site

Red Nose Pitbulls are found in a wide range of colors including red, yellow, white, black, brown, gray and tan.

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