Red Toy Poodle – All About This Stunning and Rare Color

Red Toy Poodle – All About This Stunning and Rare Color

The color red is one of the most popular colors among humans. It represents power, passion, danger, blood and life force. Red has been used since ancient times to represent everything from courage to anger to love. When it comes to dogs however, there are many different opinions on what exactly red means or how it looks like.

Some say it looks like blood, some say it looks like fire, others say it looks like money, and still others think its just a color.

Some people believe that red is a very dangerous color because when exposed to sunlight, red becomes bright orange which causes blindness. Others claim that if you get too close to the sun while wearing clothing made out of red fabric then your skin will burn instantly due to the intense heat.

There are other theories as well such as the theory that red is a symbol of death. If you look at a dead body, it will appear bloody and red. There have even been cases where people have died after being buried with their clothes covered in blood. Other than these theories though, there aren’t any real facts to back up all of them up.

In some parts of the world though, the color red is looked upon as a positive thing. In Asian countries for example, the color red symbolizes good fortune while in other countries such as Mexico and Spain, it symbolizes passion and love. In some Native American tribes, red is even considered to be a sacred and magical color.

Throughout history too, the color has often been used during celebrations and festivities such as Christmas. For example, in Great Britain, Father Christmas’s robes are usually colored red. In some parts of Africa too, the color is thought to scare off malicious spirits and ghosts while in other places such as South America, red is seen as a symbol of strength and heroism. Red is also used to symbolize courage such as in the case of soldiers who go into battle wearing red capes.

Due to all these positive and even negative connotations with the color red, it is no surprise that red dogs have become increasingly popular. Today there are a number of red dog breeds such as the Red Nose Pitbull, the American Pitbull Terrier, the Cane Corso, the Boerboel, the Dogo Canario and many more. In fact it is believed by some people that the very first domestic dog was actually red.

All of these different red dog breeds are separated into two main categories: blanket chest and brindle.

Blanket chest dogs such as the American Pitbull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Boerboel and Cane Corso are all named after the color of their chests which basically consist of a lot of red mixed in with white fur. These dogs usually have short coats that are dense, smooth and sleek making them strong, muscular and very durable. They also tend to shed very little if at all and are usually low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

The second category consists of brindle dogs such as the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, Perro De Presa Canario and the Bullmastiff which all have distinguishing striping or spotting on their coats. They have short and smooth coats which make them strong, durable and able to withstand colder weather much easier.

Both types of dogs are very easy to maintain and require little grooming, however they do shed a lot so they’re not the best choice if you’re living in a carpeted home. The main thing to remember though is that all red dog breeds require lots of love and affection as well as a firm hand. They are all fiercely loyal and great with kids especially those who have raised them from puppies.

Red Toy Poodle – All About This Stunning and Rare Color -

One thing you will notice is that none of these dogs come cheap. Due to their rarity, if you’re looking to buy a red dog, it’s going to cost you, however there are alternatives available. One option is to go online and look for someone selling one. There are also animal shelters that sometimes have them but as you can imagine, these dogs are so desirable that they are usually adopted very quickly when they become available.

The other alternative of course is to look after someone else’s pet while they’re away. Many people are more than happy to do this as a temporary arrangement. All you have to do is contact someone and ask if you can pet sit for them. Believe it or not, there’s a booming business out there for pet sitting and most people are more than happy to receive a little extra money by letting you take care of their dog for a few weeks.

Of course if you’re worried about the responsibility or you have a busy schedule, you can always opt for a cat instead!

Dogs may not seem like the obvious choice when it comes to Feng Shui but that is all about to change. Due to their loyalty, protection and nurturing quality they can easily be incorporated into your home or office environment to enhance the Feng Shui.

For example, if you have an East facing door in your home or office, consider getting a dog statue that faces the entrance so it can guard against negative energy that way. The same also applies for South and West facing doors. Dogs can be placed anywhere really but those are the most common areas to put them.

Dogs are also great for enhancing wealth and relationship areas so if you want to enhance any of those two areas, consider placing a dog anywhere in that part of the house. For example, the Southeast is the area where you will find the love and relationships in your home or office and a dog can be placed there to help enhance those areas.

Dogs are also a very useful protective device against negative energy so if you have problems with burglars at your home or just want to protect the place in general, consider getting a dog and placing it in vulnerable areas. For example, if you have a window that gets a lot of sun, a dog statue looking outwards from the inside towards the outside would be perfect as it would help ward off any burglar thinking about breaking in.

Dogs are the most loyal creature on earth and if you own one, you will find that it will always be protective of you and watch over you. Dogs are also great for security but really they are just great pets to have around as they enhance good feng shui in your home and make it a happier place to be in.

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