Saluki Dog Information Center – The Beautiful Breed with Lightning Speed

Salukis are one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. They have a very unique appearance which makes them stand out from other breeds. Salukis come in many colors such as black, white, blue, red and brown. There are various types of saluki including those that are used for hunting or herding purposes. These dogs are called “black” because they have a dark coat while others are known as “white”. White salukis are used for guarding livestock. Salukis were originally bred to guard sheep and goats. However, nowadays these dogs are used for herding cattle and horses. Salukis can live up to 20 years but their life span is shortened if they don’t get enough exercise. Salukis are not as intelligent as some other breeds but they do possess a strong sense of loyalty.

Salukis are very loyal and loving animals. They love to follow their owners around even when it’s hard work! Salukis are extremely affectionate towards humans and will lick your face if you’re smiling at them.

Their intelligence helps them in learning new things quickly. They tend to have a low aggression towards humans and other animals. Salukis are very quiet animals that rarely bark. Salukis get along well with children and strangers as long as they are properly socialized when they are still puppies.

These animals are very quick and agile. They can run at speeds of up to 60 mph and jump over 6 foot high fences, making them wonderful hunting partners. Salukis have very strong jaws and they tend to “tear” the hide of their pray instead of “biting” it.

These dogs also have a unique running style; they run with their front legs far apart from each other and their back legs close together. This helps them move faster and jump higher. Salukis are very good at climbing because their back legs can support over half of their body weight.

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