Scottish Dog Breeds: The Beautiful Breeds That Originate in Scotland

Scottish Deerhound – The Best Breed?

The Scottish Deerhound (Cervus elaphus) is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and athletic ability. Their coat is very thick and curly which makes them easy to care for. They have a long slender body with short legs making it possible to run fast even when they grow up. They are usually white or tan in color. The hair on their head is black at the back and brown near the ears. Their eyes are dark blue, but sometimes they have some whites around them. These dogs are friendly and loving toward other animals and humans alike.

Their size ranges from small to medium sized, depending on how much exercise they get. However, these dogs do not grow too large so that they cannot walk comfortably with people.

They are considered to be a good family pet since they like to play with children and enjoy being held. They love to hunt and will chase anything that moves.

They are loyal companions and will never leave your side unless you command them to do so.

In Scotland, there is a special breed called the Highland Terrier which is similar in appearance but different in temperament. It’s fur is thicker than that of the standard deerhound while its ears are pointed instead of flat.

The deerhound hunts by sight rather than scent.

In the early 1800s, these dogs were bred to accompany the wealthy on hunting expeditions. Nowadays they continue to serve their purpose in deer and fox hunting.

The other major use for this breed is to run alongside coaches and protect people. Their height makes them suitable for guard duty since most people find them intimidating.

They enjoy running alongside horses and can keep up with them for great distances. They can reach speeds up to 35 mph which is faster than most horses can run.

These dogs are very intelligent and will obey the commands of their owners.

Scottish Dog Breeds: The Beautiful Breeds That Originate in Scotland - Dog Puppy Site

They are extremely loyal and can run alongside coaches for long periods of time without getting tired. Their long ears make it easier for them to listen for potential danger such as thieves or animals lurking nearby.

During the 1800s, these dogs were used by the wealthy to protect them from harm while traveling. Since these dogs run so fast, it is almost impossible for people to escape their sight.

Today, deerhounds are no longer used for hunting or guard duty, however they still excel at running alongside horses on a daily basis. They were also used in World War I by the U.S.

Army to deliver messages between the frontlines and headquarters since they have excellent vision and can run all day without getting tired.

These dogs need a lot of exercise if they are going to live in an apartment. They should be taken on long walks, jogs, or runs regularly.

Without proper exercise, they become depressed or destructive. These dogs are fond of chasing small animals and will run after anything that moves. They also like to play in the water.

Deerhounds are very social and affectionate with all people. They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

They are always willing to please their owners, but they do not like to be mistreated. These dogs are quiet when they want to be. Generally, they only bark when there is a good reason for it.

Owners must make sure these dogs are well trained while they are puppies. If owners do not establish who is boss, they will become stubborn and harder to train when they become older.

It is always best to begin training them as soon as possible.

Deerhounds are not recommended for owners who cannot give them the proper amount of exercise that they need on a daily basis. Also, apartment living is not condoned for this breed since they have a lot of energy and they like to howl at odd hours.

Deerhounds are not usually aggressive, but they can be very defensive of their territory and humans that they care about. They will become confrontational if someone is threatening their owner or themselves.

Even though these dogs were bred to hunt, they will not attack anything unless they are provoked severely.

The Deerhound loves people and gets along with children and other dogs. They are also good watchdogs since they will sound the alarm when someone is around.

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These dogs will become depressed and unhappy if they do not get to interact with people on a regular basis.

Deerhounds are easy to groom since their coat does not shed that much. Owners will simply need to brush them occasionally to remove loose hairs.

Their ears should also be checked regularly since they are prone to infections if they are not cleaned every day.

The average life expectancy of the Deerhound is about 8 years. There are several health issues that this breed is prone to such as hip dysplasia, skin problems, ear infections, bloating, and blindness.

Owners will want to keep track of what medical concerns affect this breed the most and plan for surgery or medication if necessary.

What’s Your Favorite Dog Breed?

Some people have a favorite dog breed that they like more than others. The top ten most popular dog breeds vary from country to country, but the same basic dog breeds tend to appear in most places. USA Today used American Kennel Club registration statistics to compile a list of the top twenty most popular dog breeds in the United States in 2010. They also included the breed that they thought would take the slot belonging to the breed that was number ten on their list, the Doberman Pinscher. Here is a list the top ten dog breeds in the United States:

Labrador Retriever – These dogs were originally bred to retrieve things, particularly birds that hunters shot but missed. Nowadays, Labs are popular seeing-eye dogs and perform a variety of other tasks.

They are often called “the Presidents Dog” because they have been the favorite breed of a number of U.S. Presidents. Golden Retriever – These beautiful dogs are also originally bird dogs. They are often used to hunt, but they also have a great temperament that makes them good for families. They have a thick water-resistant coat, which makes them more suited to outdoorsy types of jobs. German Shepherd Dog – These dogs are often vicious, but the stereotype is false. They make excellent seeing-eye dogs and do very well in a variety of other jobs, such as herding or guarding things. They are also popular in the police force and the army. Beagle – These small hounds have a great sense of smell and are often used by hunters because of it. The average Beagle is very friendly and is known as a “universal friend.” They have an average voice and will bark whenever they sense something interesting. Rottweiler – These dogs were originally bred to guard, but they make excellent workers in a variety of other fields.

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