Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Is This Cross the Perfect Family Pet

The dog breed is known as “corgi” or “corgi”. There are different types of these dogs. Some of them have a short coat while others have long coats. They are very active and love to run around with their owners. These dogs are not only cute but they make great family pets too!

Corgis are one of the most popular breeds among pet lovers because they tend to be friendly, loyal, obedient and playful. Corgis are usually quite intelligent and will do just about anything if it gets them out of trouble.

These dogs are known to be good watchdogs and guard animals. They don’t bark much, but when they do, they sound like a howl!

That doesn’t mean they aren’t protective though; many corgis will protect their masters from harm.

They are generally gentle and affectionate with humans, other animals and children. They are known to be a bit shy at first, but once they get used to people they become lovable companions.

There are various colors of corgis available today. You may see some corgis sporting a variety of colored fur patterns such as black, brown, tan or even white.

Some may have markings on their face such as a black mask or a phantom mark. Others might also have patterns on their legs, around their ears and sometimes even on their tail.

They have a fox-like appearance with their pointy ears and small stature, but they’re not related to the fox at all. These dogs are from Wales and were bred for herding.

Corgis are very popular in the United Kingdom, but they’ve also made their way into other parts of the world. Whether they’re portrayed in a cartoon or real life, these dogs have become one of the most well-known breeds in history.

If you want a dog who…

Is small, sturdy and strong – not fragile or delicate in any way.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Is This Cross the Perfect Family Pet - Image

Doesn’t need much grooming – just a regular brush once or twice a week.

Has a fox-like appearance with pointy ears and a smaller size.

Is lively and playful – likes to chase around toys and play games.

Is bright and attentive – learns commands relatively quickly.

Is always on the move and loves to run, jog or take long walks.

Makes an excellent watchdog due to its loud alarm bark and loyalty to its family.

Is generally healthy, but may be at risk of joint problems.

Is happy being indoors with you or outdoors in the yard.

Is generally friendly toward strangers, but wary about newcomers.

Is suitable for new pet owners and experienced ones too.

Keep in mind that corgis are not for everyone! They can be fussy eaters and may occasionally bark a lot.

Not suitable for apartment living.

While Corgis are intelligent, they do not thrive or achieve their full potential without firm, consistent training. Corgis need a firm, experienced owner who doesn’t let the dog walk all over them.

Corgis can tend to nip or bite when they don’t get their way. Firm, consistent training is necessary when training a Corgi.

Shiba Inu Corgi Mix – Is This Cross the Perfect Family Pet - Image

Note: Corgis are working dogs and were bred for herding. Do not remove the working traits from this dog or you will be harming the dog emotionally and possibly even physically.

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