Silver Lab Facts And Fun – Is This Your New Perfect Puppy

Silver Labs are a popular breed. They have been bred for many years to produce puppies that are beautiful and easy to train. Some people think they’re just like any other puppy, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye! There is no denying their popularity, however, it seems like every breeder out there is trying to improve upon their original design. These improvements include:

• More health issues (i.e. heartworm) • Less personality (i.e. shyness) • Better color pattern (i.e.

black and white) • More energy (i.e. jumping around, barking, etc.)

There are so many things wrong with these changes that it makes one wonder if the breeders even realize how good their dogs really are!

What do you think? Are these changes good or bad for your dog?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the “silver labs” before. They’re the most popular of all the silver lab breeds. You may have even owned one yourself! I was lucky enough to own a couple myself when I first started breeding them back in 2005. But then again, I had a lot more money at my disposal and could afford to get fancy with them…and I did!

So why are they called “silver”?

The name actually comes from their fur color. Their coat has a gray hue to it, almost like that of a common rat, hence the name “silver lab”. Even though they’ve been bred to have this unique fur coat, skinnier bodies, and oversized ears, they’re really just wolves in dog clothing…or fur clothing I guess!

The most popular type of silver labs is the American Silver or AML (American Mutt Laboratory). They’re a mix between the Siberian, German Shepherd, and of course…we don’t really know! (Seriously though, nobody knows what breeds were used to create the first AMLs) The most popular color pattern for an AML is gray with a black hood. You’ll see them with a black patch over each eye, just like a raccoon! They’re born mostly white and the color slowly fades in over time.

These dogs are extremely intelligent and can easily learn random tricks like playing dead, rolling over, or giving you a high-five! Seriously though, these dogs are great friends to have and will always be by your side. They’re very curious about what you get up to and will definitely let you know if they don’t want to do it…but this can also get annoying at times.

AMLs are so easy to train because they want to please their owner. They want nothing more than your attention and love. They can be a little stubborn at times, but it’s okay. Just be patient when training them and they’ll stay by your side for life! I’m sure that you already know that though.

I’ve never met an owner of one that didn’t rave about their AML.

As I said before, these dogs are popular for a reason. If you’re considering getting a silver lab then I highly recommend that you go for it. At the same time though, there are many other dogs out there in need of a loving owner as well.

What are you waiting for?

Get out there and find yourself a dog!

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