Spotted Dog Breeds: 18 Dogs With Spots, Splodges, And Speckles

Spotted dogs are small and medium sized dogs with spots or splotches of various colors. They come from many different breeds but they all share one characteristic: their coloration. Some spottings have a single spot while others may contain several spots.

The word “spotted” comes from the Latin word speciosus which means “splashed”. The term was originally used to refer to animals that had been doused with water or other liquids.

However, it eventually came to mean any animal with markings of some kind.

There are two main types of spotted dogs: those with only one spot and those with multiple spots. These latter type of spotted dogs are called splotched or splattered.

There are also other varieties such as the longhair, red headed, shih tzu, and miniature poodle variants. All these variations have similar characteristics: they have a few spots on them, usually in patches or stripes.

One spot Spotted dogs

Many hobbyists prefer to have dogs with only one spot–that is, an animal with a single large spot or a single splotch of color. Dogs that are two-colored are also popular.

In any case, these white or black dogs with spots are easy to take care of and are especially affectionate.

The best thing about owning one of these dogs is that the spots or splotches can be painted on with a brush.

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