Teacup Chihuahua – Pros and Cons Of Living With The World’s Tiniest Dog


1) They are very cute!

You will love them forever! (But only if they have no personality!)

2) They are easy to care for.

No need to feed or bathe them regularly. They don’t require much attention at all. If you want, you can even leave your house without worrying about them anymore!

3) They are small enough to fit into most places.

So they are not too big to bother with their presence. You can easily take them out of the house when you feel like it.

4) Their size makes them very adorable and lovable.

Even if they do act aggressive towards other dogs, you won’t mind since they’re so cuddly! (You’ll just think “cute” instead of “aggressive” 😉 )

5) They are very playful.

When they play, they tend to jump around and make lots of noise. That means you get to see them do many things that other dogs can’t do!

6) They love attention from humans.

Teacup Chihuahua – Pros and Cons Of Living With The World’s Tiniest Dog - Image

Humans usually give them treats when they pet them or stroke their fur. Sometimes they will even lick your face if you smile at them while doing it! (They’re so cute!

Who wouldn’t?


1) They are very high-maintenance!

You need to comb their hair and clean them up every time they make a mess. They shed everywhere and you need to clean it all up. (If you don’t, they will)

2) They are soooo expensive to take care of!

They need regular trips to the groomers. They need a nice, big dog house. They eat more expensive food (that you have to crush with a big stone first). They also need their teeth brushed everyday or they get sick and that is very expensive to cure!

3) They are too small!

Sometimes you step on them (on purpose or by accident) and it hurts them. Even if you do not hurt them physically, their feelings still get hurt very easily. It is very easy to offend a chihuahua. All you need to do is yell at them or refuse to play with them and they will start crying!

4) They are too hyper!

When they get excited they start jumping around everywhere. It is really annoying. They also never stop playing and want to play all the time!

I am sure you are tired too, right?

5) Their small size makes them susceptible to bigger dogs (or humans).

If a bigger dog (or human) startles or scares them, they will more than likely pee on themselves or run away. You will then have to comfort them for the next few days until they get over it. If a bigger dog (or human) hurts them, it is game over.

Teacup Chihuahua – Pros and Cons Of Living With The World’s Tiniest Dog - Dog Puppy Site

Have I mentioned this already?

Well it still stands!

So there you have it, the pros and cons of a Teacup Chihuahua.

On the outside they seem like the perfect dog. They are small, adorable, loveable and even funny at times. But in actuality, they are just a bundle of problems wrapped up in a cute package. Unless money is not an issue for you and you have lots of time to spend with your dog, I suggest you DO NOT GET ONE!

RATING: (I give them 2/10)

And if you do get one, good luck!

Note: I wrote this awhile ago. It is important to note that I wrote this not because I hate Chi’s or anything, but because the people who owned mine were idiots who didn’t treat her right. She was not high maintenance in the least, and I was actually very fond of her. I’m sorry Chi, but you really were a retarded dumb stupid dog.

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