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Terrier Breed Description:

The most popular dog breed in the world today is the Bulldog. They are known for their strength, courage, loyalty and love of all things that have to do with fighting.

Their short coat makes them easy to spot at night time when they run through the streets. These dogs are very loyal and will always come back home no matter what. They make excellent guard dogs and protect their owners from harm.

Bulldogs are one of the oldest dog breeds in history. They were originally bred to fight each other and they still retain many of those traits.

Some bulldogs even possess a strong sense of honor which helps them defend their families and homes. Other characteristics include their size, strength, speed, agility and intelligence. They are not only good guards but also great family pets.

The Jack Russell Terrier was developed from the Bulldog. They are considered to be the smartest of all terriers.

They are extremely intelligent and can learn new tricks quickly. A Jack Russell Terrier’s natural instinct is to please its master and it will do anything for him or her. They make excellent guard dogs because they never lose their cool and are very protective of their masters.

The Cairn Terrier is a small but very powerful dog. They were bred to hunt.

For this reason they can be difficult to train and they do not always respond to commands. That being said they are extremely friendly dogs who make great family pets. Because of their hunting nature they tend to chase small animals and other prey so they need to always be on a leash when outside.

The Australian Terrier was bred in Australia specifically for hunting. Their small size makes them very fast and their strong teeth make them very good at tearing their prey apart.

They are always on the prowl for something to chase and they are very protective of their owners.

Terrier Breeds – Discover All The Different Types Of Terrier Dog Breeds - Dog Puppy Site

Bullmastiff Dogs are widely known as one of the most courageous working dogs in the world. They were bred to hunt wild boars in England and they continue to do a great job at this today.

These dogs do not only have courage but they are extremely loyal as well. They will protect their masters and their families at all costs.

Other traits of the Bullmastiff are strength, intelligence, loyalty and obedience. Owners of this breed must be very firm when training it because it can become uncontrollable and aggressive if it does not respect its master.

Developing a good relationship with your Bullmastiff is very important otherwise the dog will become stubborn and disobedient.

Bull Terriers are a great family dog. They love children and are very playful.

They are also very courageous and will protect their loved ones at all costs. They are not always the best guard dogs but they will bark to let you know that someone is nearby. Bull Terriers get along well with other dogs and animals as long as they are raised with them.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium sized dog that was bred in England for “sports”. This means that they were bred for the purpose of fighting other animals and creatures such as bulls, bears and even other dogs.

These days they are still used for this purpose in some places but in other places they have been tamed down and are good around children and other living things.

The Cane Corso is an amazing breed of dog. They are powerful, strong, courageous, protective, loyal and very loving.

This breed of dog was originally bred in Italy as a hunting dog. They are still used for this purpose today and they are also used as guard dogs. Their strength and courage make them more than capable of ripping an intruder or strange dog apart.

The Spanish Mastiff is an ancient breed of dog that has been known to be a reliable and courageous working dog. They are large, strong and fearless.

They were originally bred in Spain centuries ago but were eventually brought over to the United States where they thrive in warmer climates. These dogs make excellent guard dogs but can be very friendly provided they are familiar with someone or they recognize an owner.

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