Texas Heeler – The Lively Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Texas Heeler – The Lively Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog Mix

The lovable lovable lovable lovable Aussie Shepherds are very popular with many owners. They have been bred to be friendly, loyal, obedient and affectionate. These dogs are known for their sweet nature and love of all things human.

They make wonderful family pets and they do well in most homes because of their docile personalities. They make great companions for children, but they need a little extra training to become fully functional around other animals.

These adorable dogs come in various colors and patterns. Some are pure white while others are black or brown. There are even some that look like pugs!

They vary greatly in size from small to medium sized and they range from 6 months old up to 15 years old! Most have nice coats of varying lengths, though some may not be completely hairless at all times.

They are generally active and playful when young, but they tend to get bored quickly. They will usually sleep during the day if left alone too much. Their natural instincts are to explore everything around them, so they don’t necessarily want to spend every waking moment curled up in a ball.

They do require exercise though, which means walks or playing fetch with toys at least twice per week.

If they haven’t been properly trained, these dogs can be quite stubborn. They also have powerful jaws that can do a lot of damage if they decide to bite someone. They are generally obedient once properly trained, but they are known for their stubbornness and a bit of defiance if they don’t feel like listening.

These dogs do much better in homes where the master is firm and confident. They do not respond well to punishment, so training must be done with kindness. Urban legends state that Aussies are good at chasing away demons and devils, so they can fend off potential burglars if needed.

These dogs are very loving to their owners and get along well with children or other docile pets. They are natural guardians of their territory and will defend their humans or any other animals from outside invaders. Owners of these dogs need to be willing to make the commitment to train and exercise them on a regular basis.

They also need a lot of affection and attention or they may become destructive or agitated. They are very hard workers and they need a job to do, such as herding cattle or guarding the house while the owners are away.

Several states in the US consider this breed to be dangerous and restrict their ownership or require special licenses and training classes. These laws are usually directed towards people who work with livestock, because these dogs are bred to herd. In other states, these dogs are not regulated in any way.

This breed is also known as Kelpie-Blue Heeler and Australian Cattle Dog.

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Even though you’ve probably heard of the border collie or the Australian shepherd, the Texas heiler might be new to you. All of these breeds work as herding dogs, and were bred for the specific purpose of rounding up wayward livestock. The Kelpie is a relative newcomer on the herding dog scene.

In the early 1800’s, English farmers imported thousands of sheep into Australia to take advantage of the seemingly endless grazing land there. Since the land was often unfenced, the sheep frequently wandered off, sometimes never to return. To protect their investments, the farmers employed pastoral workers called “shepherds,” who traveled from area to area looking after the sheep.

At the time, shepherding was just a step above being a homeless drifter, so the workers were only as good as their dogs.

The typical working dog was a cross between the Old English Sheepdog and a collie. These dogs had to be smart enough to handle the massive flocks of sheep, but gentle enough not to scare them.

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