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The Labrador Retriever breed originated from the English working dogs. They were bred to pull carts and other heavy objects.

Today they are used for everything from search and rescue work to police work. The breed was originally developed in England during the 1800’s, but it wasn’t until 1892 when Charles Goodyear patented a rubber compound that made them popular worldwide.

Today there are many different types of Labradors. There are the standard colors: black, chocolate, cream, grey and red.

These colors represent the various coat patterns that have been identified over time. Some of these color variations include: brindle (a lighter shade than the normal dark brown), tortie (light tan or white with darker markings) and even spitz (white with black spots).

There are also several types of markings. Some of these include: white spotting, black spots, white tips on their ears, blue eyes and even a few that have no visible markings at all.

All of these markings mean something different to each individual dog.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular working dogs around the world. It is known for its loyalty and love for humans.

They are known to be very patient and gentle with children. They also make good companion dogs for adults. Not only are they known for their good nature, but they are also known for their intelligence. Their ability to learn makes them very trainable, which in turn makes them one of the most popular breeds for police work.

Labrador puppies are normally very fun and full of energy. They play for hours and have plenty of energy to run around the yard.

When they are inside they still have plenty of energy to keep them busy. Labs love to chew on things, like shoes, furniture and most things that you don’t really want them to chew on. This is a good time to start teaching them what is okay to chew on and what isn’t. Lots of toys and constant supervision is key during this stage in their life.

Labrador puppies for sale can be very fun animals, but they do take a lot of time and dedication. They need to be fed, watered, taken on walks and given lots of love.

The things you do and don’t allow them to do when they are young will directly impact what kind of adult dog they will grow up to be. Labs are one of the most loyal and friendly dogs out there, but the owner has to do their part in training and socializing them properly.If you are looking for a dog to add to your family, a lab may be just what you need. They are fun, playful and great with people and other animals. When you are looking for a lab puppy for sale, make sure you get your puppy from a good and reliable breeder. There are many puppy mills out there that breed dogs in poor conditions. These places treat their dogs very badly, and they are forced to live in cramped cages for most of the day. When selecting a breeder be sure to check out the conditions of where the puppies are being raised. Look for clean surroundings and make sure the puppies look healthy and happy.

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