Unique Dog Names

Unique Female Dog Names: A Brief History

In the beginning there was only one thing that mattered to us, our dogs. And they were all very special indeed. Some of them had been with us since birth; others were adopted from shelters or rescue organizations. But no matter which way they came into our lives, their loyalty and devotion to us was always unconditional. They never once complained when we took them home, nor did they ever leave us without a treat.

Our love for these furry little creatures was so strong that it even made us forget about other things, like work and responsibilities. We didn’t have time to worry about the future or worry about what might happen next. All we could do was enjoy life with our best friends every day…and then some days too!

But then something happened along the way that changed everything forever. Something that would change the course of our relationship with our dogs forever. That something was a new breed of dog lover, someone who wasn’t just interested in breeding and showing their pets, but rather wanted to make lifelong friendships with them. These people weren’t just looking for companionship either; they were also seeking out those special individuals who could give them advice and guidance on how to live their lives better. People became obsessed with this idea that their dogs could somehow help them find deeper fulfillment through life.

And it worked, too…at least for the dogs!

Fast-forward to today and you have a whole new generation of people who see their dogs as equal partners in life rather than just pets. People now flock to self-help seminars and classes where they can learn how to improve their lives with the help of their four-legged friends. That’s right; there are now professionals who instruct others on how to get everything they’ve ever wanted in life with the help of their dogs. The main idea behind this is that our canine companions have a more pure, simplistic view of the world than we do. By learning how they think and feel and how they go about making decisions, we can use that knowledge to improve our own lives.

It seems crazy but it works!

But while everyone is off learning how to get ahead in life, who is there at home to take care of the dogs?

That’s where you come in. Thanks to your ability to learn from our canine friends, you’ve managed to achieve an unprecedented level of communication with them. You can now comprehend everything from the subtlest change in their facial expression or body language to what types of toys they prefer to play with. Your life is good; you have a job that you love and adore helping your clients achieve their dreams. But most importantly, you learn more about yourself and how to have fun every single day.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to get started on your own journey to a fulfilling life with the help of your dog!

Great Ideas For Cool Dog Names

One of the most overlooked components of creating a great character is thought put into their name. A good name can say a lot about a character and even help shape their personality. Check out this list for some name ideas for your newest family member!

Unique Dog Names – Over 300 Unusual Ideas - from our website

If you’re looking for something standard that still has an edge to it, these may be the names for you:


Bella – It means beautiful and that’s exactly what your dog is.

Dixie – A name with Southern roots. Good for those country dogs.

Molly – A cute name that’s adorable without being too cutesy.

Sasha – A name with a lot of style. Perfect for the dog that’s going to grow up to be a hipster.


Bars – A name with a lot of edge to it.

Buck – If you’re looking for a name that’s going to give your dog a virile demeanor, go with Buck.

Hank – An old-fashioned name with a lot of charm. Good for an old country dog.

Rocky – Another name with a lot of charm. Your dog is sure to have a great name with some serious character.


Arrow – A name as straight-to-the-point as your dog.

Unique Dog Names – Over 300 Unusual Ideas - DogPuppySite.com

Captain – A fun title that’s great for those dogs that seem to be leaders.

Cougar – An unusual name that’s perfect for the more adventurous types.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the wild side, try these names:


Aquila – This name means eagle in Latin. An unusual name for an unusual dog.

Cassi – A cute name with a spunky edge to it.

Luna – A beautiful and regal name that’s as majestic as your dog.


Aidan – This Scottish name is both strong and unique.

Coyote – A fun name that’s great for the more adventurous types.

Fenrir – An interesting name inspired by Norse mythology.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the cute side, try these names:

Unique Dog Names – Over 300 Unusual Ideas - Image


Daisy – This name is as cute and adorable as your dog.

Mocha – This is an adorable name for a coffee-colored dog.

Sadie – A sweet name with a lot of charm.


Biscuit – This is a great name for a younger dog that’s as sweet as a treat.

Fudge – This name is as adorable as your puppy. Plus, it has that playful edge to it.

Marshmallow – An adorable name for an adorable dog.

Cool Ideas For Hot Summer Days

On days that are this hot, you really have to pace yourself. If you overdo it, you could end up really hurting yourself. So, here are some activities that should keep you and your dog cool without the danger of heat stroke.

1. Swimming

Your first option is also one of the most obvious ones: going for a swim! If you have a pool in your backyard, this is an ideal way to keep cool on a hot day. Don’t be the crazy neighbor with the broken fence that lets his dogs run free, though. That’s how you end up with dead dogs and angry neighbors.

Unique Dog Names – Over 300 Unusual Ideas - DogPuppySite

2. Wet cloths

A lot of people will tell you to put wet cloths on your dog to help keep him cool on hot days. This is actually a really bad idea for a variety of reasons. The most important one is that if the cloths aren’t washed regularly, they can build up bacteria that can make your dog sick. No good!

3. Cooling vests

There are plenty of options for these on the market. Just do a quick search online and you’ll find several different types that are good for outdoor use. These are great for keeping your dog’s body temperature down on hot days.

4. Lots of water

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s really important to keep your dog well hydrated on days when it’s going to be over seventy degrees. Stay on top of his water intake and make sure he’s drinking enough. You can also add some water to his kibble to make sure he’s drinking enough.

5. Hose down time

If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can take the hose down to your dog and give him a quick spray down. He’ll probably love it at first, but will soon learn to avoid you if you do it too much. Just don’t make a habit of it!

6. Lots of shady areas

If you can, try to take your dog on walks in parks or other areas with lots of trees. The shade can help keep his body temperature from getting too out of hand. Just watch out for trees that may fall on you!

7. Take frequent breaks

This is really important if you’re going to be engaging in an activity that both you and your dog will enjoy.

Going out for a long walk?

Take a break every hour or two and head back home.

Going to the dog park?

Give yourself a time limit before you head back home. Just because your dog is having fun doesn’t mean you have to be out there until the sun goes down.

8. Water obstacles

One of the best ways to keep your dog from overheating is to give him something good to do and tire him out.

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