Weimaraner Lab Mix – Your Guide To The Labmaraner

What Is A White Lab?

White Labs are dogs bred from purebred Labrador Retrievers and have been used for years in the show ring. They were originally called “Labradors” but they weren’t exactly known as such at first. These dogs were named after the color of their coats which resembled those of white rabbits, hence the name “white”. Today, these dogs are often referred to as “Labs” because of their resemblance to the color of the Labradors’ coats.

The breed was developed in England and it became popular there. Since then, it spread throughout Europe and North America where they were called “Rabbits”. Eventually, they made their way into Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There are currently about 100,000 white labs in existence today.

Why Are White Labs Popular?

There are several reasons why white labs are so popular. First of all, they’re very easy to train. Many people think that working with a dog that’s not your own bloodline would be difficult, but the opposite is true! You don’t need any training whatsoever when it comes to working with a white lab. Their natural intelligence makes them quite adaptable and obedient. White labs make great companions too since they tend to get along well with other pets and children alike. They’re also quite playful as long as they have adequate exercise. As long as you take them outside for walks or to the dog park on a regular basis, they’ll never get bored or stir up trouble.

What Is A Black Labrador?

Black labs are a result of breeding a chocolate lab with another breed. This is why they can vary so much in terms of their appearance and physical build. Their color can be anywhere from a dark brown to an almost black shade of brown. The only true difference between a black lab and a chocolate lab is the coat color. Black labs tend to be slightly smaller than their chocolate counterparts and can weigh up to twenty pounds less.

Why Are Black Labs So Rare?

Black labs are rare for a few reasons. First of all, nobody really knows why brown and black labs don’t appear in the wild like the yellow and chocolate colorations do. It is believed that breeders have been breeding black labs for so long that any wild specimens would have already exhibited the trait. It’s also possible that a genetic mutation caused the black lab to appear. As you can imagine, the black lab is quite a bit more expensive than its counterparts, but if you want a companion that’s going to be fairly easy to train then the black lab is definitely the dog for you.

What Are The Similarities Between Black And Chocolate Labs?

Despite their differences in appearance and the fact that they’re sometimes referred to by different names, chocolate and black labs do have a lot in common. Both colorations make good hunting dogs. They have a great sense of smell and are known to make excellent bird hunters. They were bred to help hunters track and retrieve prey, after all! You might be wondering why a hunter would want a brown or black lab when the traditional yellow lab is already established. This is a completely valid question, especially since black labs tend to be smaller than their yellow-colored counterparts.

Both chocolate and black labs tend to have shorter noses, which means that they can track scents better than their yellow lab counterparts. Their ears are usually a bit longer and pointier too which allows them to pick up on sounds from farther away.

The black and chocolate labs are perfectly capable of doing the same amount of damage as a regular yellow lab when it comes to hunting. They’re just not as prominent in that field.

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