Weimardoodle: The Weimaraner Poodle Mix

Weimardoodle: The Weimaraner Poodle Mix

The name “Weimardoodle” comes from the fact that they are very friendly with humans. They have been known to greet their human companions with a big hug. However, they are not aggressive towards other animals or people.

Their temperament is playful and affectionate. They love to play fetch and chase small toys around the house. They are very intelligent and enjoy being active outdoors. They like to run, jump, climb trees and explore new places.

They are good with children because they tend to play well with them. If left alone, they will usually stay near the door watching TV or playing video games until someone enters the room. When it’s time for bedtime, they go into their own room where they sleep all day long without any problems at all!

As far as breeders go, Weimardoodles are very popular among dog lovers due to their low maintenance and loving nature. You don’t need to worry about feeding them, bathing them or giving them exercise. They do just fine on their own.

For most people, the best thing about owning a Weimardoodle is how easy it is to take care of one!

How To Get A Puppy Of The Weimardoodle Breed?

If you are interested in getting a Weimardoodle or have already made up your mind, you can get one from a breeder or adopt one from an animal shelter. They are not very common so you’re unlikely to bump into one if you adopt from an animal shelter. However, if you do want to go that way, here are some things to keep in mind.

There are many animal shelters nowadays and all of them have different criteria for adoption. Some are strict while others are not. Make a list of the shelters in your area and decide which one you want to adopt a dog from.

When you get there, ask them about the process and if you’re satisfied with their answers, adopt a puppy!

On the other hand, if you want a Weimardoodle of your own then getting one from a breeder is the way to go. Here is some information about breeders and how to find one.

The first step is to get a list of Weimardoodle breeders in your area. To do that, you can do an online search for “Weimardoodle”, followed by the city that you live in. This will give you a listing of breeder websites where you can find more information.

You can also ask your family, friends or neighbors if they know anyone who has a Weimardoodle. You can also visit local pet shops and ask the management if they are aware of any nearby breeders. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a positive result but it’s certainly worth a shot!

Finding a Reputable Breeder

There are many puppy mills and sub-standard breeders out there and you can’t be sure that you’ll get a healthy Weimardoodle from them. It’s always best to find a breeder with good credentials and a good reputation.

How do you find one though?

One way is to look for the signs of a disreputable breeder. If they are too eager to sell you a puppy without knowing anything about you or if they seem reluctant to answer questions about their methods, then just walk away. Reputable breeders care about where their dogs end up and will ensure that their dogs are going to good homes.

The best breeders are dedicated to their dogs and will usually require you to fill out a questionnaire, so that they can determine if you’re going to be a good owner for one of their dogs. They should be able to tell you the pros and cons of owning a Weimardoodle so that you’ll know what to expect. They should also offer support long after you take the dog home.

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This level of care is a good indication that they’re a reputable breeder.

Weimardoodle Appearance

The Weimardoodle is a medium sized dog that exhibits the best traits of both the Weimaraner and the Poodle. While there is some variation in appearance based on the parents, most Weimardoodles have sleek bodies with feathering on their legs, coats that are either smooth or curly (both of which can be either short or long) and heads that have a broad skull, long muzzle, lively eyes and an alert expression.

Common colors are orange, black, brown, gray and yellow. They can also have white patches on their chest or around their face. The Weimardoodle is a strong, athletic dog that loves to play outdoors and is very affectionate towards their family.

Weimardoodle Grooming

The Weimardoodle has a medium length coat that requires moderate daily grooming. They don’t need to be professionally groomed but they do need to be brushed at least once a week. This keeps their coat from getting matted and their skin from getting irritated.

They should also be given a bath about once a month or whenever they get dirty.

Weimardoodle Training

The Weimardoodle is an intelligent breed that is fairly easy to train. However, they do have a few quirks that you should be aware of. First of all, they have a high activity level and will definitely try to follow you everywhere you go.

This is fine if you’re headed to the park to play fetch or if you’re jogging on a regular basis but if you’re not going to give them an opportunity to expend their energy, you’re going to have a hard-to-handle dog on your hands.

Weimardoodles also need socialization. They were bred to hunt alongside humans and as a result, they can be a little aggressive towards other animals unless they are exposed to them at a young age. If you don’t expose them to cats, birds, kids, etc.

then they’re likely to see them as prey.

Finally, Weimardoodles can be a bit independent minded and will attempt to go after anything that catches their interest. They were bred to hunt after all. You’ll have to regularly remind them that you’re the boss or they’ll try to assume that role.

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Weimardoodle Activity

The Weimardoodle is a very active dog that needs lots of exercise or it’s going to find some on its own. It was bred to hunt and has a lot of energy that needs to be expended on a daily basis. If you’re not going to take it running, playing fetch, jogging, hiking or something similar then you’re going to have to find other ways of entertaining it.

If you don’t want to do either of those things then the Weimardoodle is definitely not the dog for you.

This breed will adequately exercise itself if allowed in a yard that’s fenced in or has a tall fence. However, they will still need your help when it comes to mental stimulation. This means you need to take them on a walk or involve them in an activity that requires some thought.

You can’t just lock them in a fenced in yard and leave them for days at a time.

Weimardoodle Feeding

The Weimardoodle will eat about 3/4 to 1 1/2 cups of a good quality dry dog food each day, divided into two meals. How much they eat depends on their size, health, age and activity level.

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