Wheaten Terrier Mixes: Which Cute Cross Makes The Best Pet

What Is Aussie Wheaten Terrier Mix?

Aussie wheaten terriers are the most popular breed of dog in Australia. They have been bred since the 1930’s. These dogs were originally created to guard sheep from predators such as wolves or dingoes. However, they have become so popular that they now protect their owners’ property and livestock from intruders and even other dogs!

The Australian Shepherd is one of the oldest breeds of dog in existence. The first recorded record of an Australian Shepherds was found in 1837 in New South Wales, Australia. Since then, there have been many variations and mixes between the original breed and today’s Aussies.

Some are purebred while others are crossbreeds. There are also some that were developed through selective breeding without any genetic testing at all!

The Aussie Wheaten Terrier is one of these crossbreeds. It is considered a “cute” breed because it looks like a miniature pug with a small amount of the Aussie look. Most people think that they are cute and cuddly but they aren’t really!

They are very aggressive dogs and will bite if provoked. Their short legs make them easy to jump over fences and walls easily which makes them dangerous when unleashed on the streets!

This is why they are not recommended to most people. If you are a first time dog owner or just want a cute companion then this is definitely not the breed for you. They get bored of repetitive tasks and if you leave them alone for too long they will find something destructive to do with their time!

Good Owners For Aussie Wheaten Terriers?

Perfect owners for Aussie Wheaten Terriers are people who are very active and have large backyards. Since they were originally bred to work alongside shepherds, they need a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation every day. Without enough exercise they will become bored and find something else to entertain themselves! This can make them destructive when they aren’t supervised so you will need to keep a close eye on them if you don’t give them enough space to run around in.

The only reason why you should consider getting an Aussie Wheaten Terrier is if you are willing to commit a lot of time to them. They need a lot of attention and without it, they will become very destructive and annoying! This is not the dog for first time owners or people who rent apartments.

These dogs were not meant to live in small living spaces. They shed a lot and will need to be let outdoors to use the bathroom every few hours. Because of this, they are not recommended for city-dwellers or those who lack access to a car.

Aussie Wheaten Terrier Mix Appearance

The Aussie Wheaten Terrier is a medium sized dog that stands between 10 and 15 inches tall and weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. This is around the same size as other Terriers and other small working dogs such as Dachshunds. They have short legs, a large head and a long thin body like most other Terriers and Dachshunds.

Their coats are usually silver, wheaten (golden), black and tan or red. They have a single layer coat that is medium length and straight. The only things that distinguish them apart from other Terriers are their ears, which stick out from the side of their head at almost 90 degree angles!

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Training An Aussie Wheaten Terrier

The Aussie Wheaten Terrier is a very intelligent dog that is eager to please and playful. They are very energetic and active so they will need quite a lot of training. Without it, they will become bored which can lead to behavioral issues.

These dogs need owners that are consistent and firm with their training. They respond best to positive reinforcement and rewards. Harsh methods like hitting or any sort of verbal abuse will just make them scared of you and they will be less willing to listen.

Because they are so intelligent, they pick up on bad habits very quickly. All Terriers are natural hunters and these dogs are no exception. This means that you need to keep a close eye on them when they are outdoors or they may chase and kill small animals like birds and squirrels.

These dogs can also be escape artists that can scale fences in a single bound! You will need to make sure that their surroundings are secure so they don’t get out and get lost. If they do escape, they can’t be trusted off leash and will happily chase after any small animal they find. You will need to carry a special ‘remote’ to give them a mild electric shock when they do something undesirable.

Early training and socialization is also very important. Aussie Wheaten Terriers that are not exposed to many different people, animals and situations when they are young often become fearful or over protective of their owners later on.

Living With An Aussie Wheaten Terrier

The Aussie Wheaten Terrier is not an ideal dog for first time owners. They have quite a lot of energetic and they need plenty of physical and mental stimulation every day. Without it, they will become bored and take it out on your home by chewing up furniture or bathroom breaks everywhere but outside.

These dogs were bred to be working dogs that roamed free all day and got their exercise from hunting small game.

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