Whippet Names – What Name Will You Choose For Your Brand New Puppy

Blue Brindle Whippets Are A Popular Breed Of Dog

Whippet breeders are always looking for new blood to add into their breeding program. Blue brindled whippets have been popular among dog owners since they were first introduced in the early 1900’s. They are considered a good choice because of their high energy level and ability to work hard.

They do not need much exercise or mental stimulation. Their intelligence makes them very intelligent dogs which make them great companions. Blue brindle whippets are known to be loyal and loving dogs with a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility. These qualities make them ideal candidates for working in a home environment where they will learn how to obey commands from their owner.

Best Male Whippet Names:

The name “Bobby” is one of the most popular names for male whippets. It comes from the fact that it was named after a famous boxer. Other popular names include Bobby Brown, Bobby Brown Jr., Bobby Jones, and Bobbie Jones.

Some other well-known names are Bobby Brown II, Johnny Football, John Henry and Joe Montana. Other names that are popular among owners include Franky, Ringo Jr., Arnie, Tom, David, and John.

Whippet Racing Names:

Some people name their dogs after popular figures in whippet racing. Other owners choose to name their dogs after popular sports stars such as Shaquille O’Neal, or even famous entertainers such as Lady Gaga. Some owners take this a step further and name their dog after themselves.

This is especially true for dog owners named Johnny, Jon, or Sharon. Other popular names for dogs include Sparky, Shadow, King, and Paco.

Skinny Dog Names:

Skinny dogs are popular among many owners who don’t want a fat dog in their homes. Owners like skinny dogs because they are easy to carry around and cuddle. Some popular names for skinny whippets include Skinny Puppy, Skinny Love, Skinny Man, Skinny Legs, and Skinny Jeans.

Other skinny dog names include Skinny B*tch, Skinny Minnie, and Skinny Chili.

Whippet Names For The Whippet Racing Community:

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The whippet racing community is very tight-knit group of friends. They all support each other by encouraging their fellow owners to take good care of their dogs and run them in races. Owners in the whippet racing community are very supportive and encouraging people who can take a joke.

Some popular names among owners in the whippet racing community include Fetchin’ Paco, Run Fast, Run Hard, and Get R Done. Other names that are popular among this group include Johnny Rebel, Ol’ Yeller, and Tater Bread Jr.

Skinny Whippet Names:

Some owners like skinny dogs in whippets so they name their skinny dogs Skinny. Other popular names for skinny dogs include Skinny McGee, Skinny Legs, Skinny Minnie, and Skinny Bones.

Pudgy Whippet Names:

Some owners like pudgy dogs so they name their dogs Pudgy, Buddha, or Butterball. Other owners choose to name their dogs after food items such as Frenchy, Waffles, and Pancakes.

Whippet Dog Names With Funny Meanings:

Other dog owners like to give their dogs names that have funny meanings. These funny dog names include Grinder, Ripper, and Sheath. Other funny names include Hoppy, Quack Shot, and Yellow Belly.

Whippet Names For Girls:

Another common way owners come up with whippet names for girls is to name them after celebrities. Common names for female whippets include Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Nicki Minaj. Other popular names for female whippets include Beiber, Ashanti, and J-Hud.

Whippet Dog Names For Boys:

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Most owners name their male whippets after men who have famous dogs that raced. These whippet racing superstars include John Henry, Greyhound Freddie, Half Nelson, and Franky Flyer. Other popular names for male whippets include Boomer, Butch, Rufus, and Scooter.

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