White Boxer Dog – Pros and Cons of Owning a White Boxer

White Boxer Puppy Pros and Cons of Owning a White Boxer


– They are very intelligent. They have great memory skills. You will not need to train them much. (They do learn)

– Their personalities are quite friendly and playful. Some even like to play fetch with their humans! (they love fetch! )

– They are very loyal and loving towards their human family members. If they don’t get enough attention from their owners, they may start barking at strangers or even attacking them. (they are protective)


– Due to their intelligence, some white boxers can become aggressive when left alone too long. They tend to bark a lot and get easily bored. (they are hyperactive)

– They can develop skin problems such as ear infections and allergies. Some may suffer from hair loss due to these skin conditions. (they are prone to diseases)

How To Tell If A White Boxer Is Deaf?

1. You Can See His Ear Wax When He Shakes His Head Up And Down Or Holds Both Of Them Close To His Face:

2. He Tilts His Head To The Side:

3. He Has An Abnormal Walk:

White Boxer Dog – Pros and Cons of Owning a White Boxer - from our website

4. He Seems To Be In Pain When You Call Him Or Gives No Response To Your Call:

5. He Does Not Respond To Loud Noises:

6. He Does Not React To You Throwing A Ball Near Him:

7. He Shakes His Head A Lot:

White Boxer Puppies For Sale Near Me?

1. You Look For White Boxer Dog Breeders Near You:

2. Choose The One That Has A Reliable Reputation:

3. Go And Meet The Puppy In Person:

4. Get To Know More About Its Parents:

5. Check

The Puppies Teeth, Are They All There?Are They Well Aligned?Are They Sharp?

6. Is

The Puppy Clean Enough?

7. Feel

His Body, Is He Well Proportioned?Are All Of His Bones Prominent But Not Sharp?

8. Are

All Of His Nails Trimmed?

9. Check

The Puppys Eyes, Are They Clear And Bright?Not Watery Or Cloudy?Do The Pupils Respond To The Light?

10. Feel

The Pupils, Are They Equal In Diameter?

Do They React To The Light?

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