White Chihuahua – All You Need To Know About This Unique Coat Color

White Chihuahua – All You Need To Know About This Unique Coat Color

What Is White Chihuahua?

The term “white” refers to the coat color of a white dog. A purebred white dog is one that has no black or tan markings on its body. There are several breeds of dogs with white coats such as the poodle, dachshund, shih tzu and many others. However, there are other types of dogs which have some white markings on their bodies but not all of them. These include the miniature schnauzer, pug, bulldog and even the pitbull. The most common type of white dog is the Staffordshire terrier (or terrier). Other breeds like the Shiba Inu and Akita also have white fur.

Why Do Some Dogs Have White Coats?

There are various reasons why some dogs may have a white coat.


This is one of the most common reasons for dogs having white fur. Some dog breeds are born with white fur due to their genetics. A dog inherits its color from its parents. Even if one of the parents is a white dog, this does not guarantee that all the puppies will be born white.

The litter may have siblings with black, gray, tan or even cream-colored coats. On the other hand, if both parents have a white coat, all of the pups in that litter will most likely be born with a white coat.

This holds true for all types of dog breeds and is not specific to just the chihuahua, although it is much more common in this breed. Chihuahuas are tiny dogs and their coats do not hide any markings, so it makes it easier to notice.


Dogs sometimes grow into their coats. A puppy that is born with a white coat may eventually grow into a tan, gray or black markings. This process takes months or even years to complete. In some rare cases, the coat color may not change at all.

There have been stories of adult chihuahuas (both long and short haired) having a pure white coat and no other markings.

Eye Color

White chihuahuas may also have blue eyes. Some dog breeds are born with blue eyes and as they grow older their true eye color reveals itself. This is especially true for chihuahuas since their eye color may not be visible due to the lack of markings around the eyes.

What Is a Albino Chihuahua?

A chihuahua that is born with a complete absence of pigment is called an albino. Albino mammals have a variety of strange genetic problems. Their lack of pigmentation causes their eyes to appear red and their vision is generally poor. Albino mammals also have a hard time maintaining their body temperature and have a shorter life span than other mammals of their size. Albino mammals are not common and many die in the womb or soon after birth.

Are There Other Albino Dogs?

Albinism is rare in most mammals, including dogs.

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