White Labrador: The Palest Shade of Yellow Lab

White Labradors are one of the most popular breeds today. They have been bred since the early 1900’s to perform many tasks such as search and rescue, police work, military service, search and rescue dogs, farm dogs, hunting dogs etc. They are known for their loyalty and devotion to their masters. The breed originated from a cross between English bulldogs and Pomeranians (a type of small dog). They were originally called “The Palest Shade of Yellow” because they looked like a shade of yellowish-orange.

In the past, there was no standard for white labradors. There were several different colors and markings produced by various breeders. Today, there are two recognized types of white labs; the Standard White Lab or the American White Labs and the Middleton White Lab or the Great Pyrenees. The Standard White Lab is considered to be the most beautiful of all white labradors. Their coats tend to be lighter than other types.

Some people prefer them because they are not so demanding when it comes to training and obedience. Other people consider them too temperamental and prone to aggression. However, some people love them because they look so pretty!

There are several reasons why some people choose white labradors over others:

They are very loyal and affectionate toward their owners.

They make wonderful family pets.

They are good with children and other pets in the household.

They are easy to train because they tend to be very eager to please their owners.

They do not shed a lot and hence are good for people who have allergies to dog hair.

Even though they are gentle, they still make good watchdogs because they sound the alarm quite loudly when someone approaches the house.

Most of them are very good swimmers.

They come in three different colors: black, yellow and chocolate. The black ones are the rarest and most expensive of all three colors.

While most of them have a single, it is not unusual for some dogs to have a few spots here and there on their body. These dogs are still considered to be valuable members of their breed.

They make excellent pets for children because they are sturdy, patient and loyal.

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They are very intelligent and learn things easily. They love to play Frisbee and fetching games.

They have lots of stamina and do not get tired easily.

They love the great outdoors and hence require a lot of exercise.

They love to roam in open areas and hence require a lot of room to move around in. If they do not get enough exercise they tend to get bored and look for entertainment themselves which is not always ideal!

They shed a lot and hence require regular grooming.

Some of the breeds have a reputation of being slightly ferocious and hence their use as guard dogs.

They are known to be very territorial and do not allow strange dogs in their territory. If another dog encroaches on their territory they will make it very clear that the other dog is not welcome.

They require a lot of attention and care and if they do not get it they can develop behavioral problems. They are prone to becoming destructive if they are left alone for extended periods of time.

Because some people use them as guard dogs they can be very aggressive with people they do not know. This means that you need to have a good fence around your property and also ensure that they are properly socialized while they are young so that they get used to interacting with people.

white labrador puppies have soft spots on their heads called a molera. These need to be protected from jolts and knocks as they are often prone to injury during this time.

They tend to suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone. This means that you need to spend a lot of time with them so that they do not get bored and start chewing your shoes or floors or barking all day to entertain themselves.

They are prone to obesity which can lead to a range of different health issues. It is up to the owner to make sure that they do not overfeed them with snacks or table scraps. They should also be given plenty of exercise and room to play.

They can suffer from skin disorders if they are not properly groomed on a regular basis.

Due to their size they have a lot of weight that they are putting on your floors and furniture. This means that you will need to replace things every now and then.

White Labrador: The Palest Shade of Yellow Lab - at DogPuppySite

They do not like being left alone for long periods of time. If you have to do this you will either have to hire a dog walker or be home yourself to take them out for walks and spend some time with them.

They require a lot of exercise because they have so much energy. If they do not get it they will find other ways of releasing it which may not be as safe or appropriate!

They shed a lot and regularly. You will find clumps of fur all over your house and you will have to vacuum a lot.

They are prone to getting bored if you do not spend a lot of time playing with them or giving them attention. They are intelligent creatures that crave interaction.

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Labrador Retriever Grooming Tips

Labradors are a beautiful dog breed that make great pets and are fun and friendly additions to most households. However, their size and temperament means that they do require special care and attention. If you are thinking of getting a labrador puppy or acquiring an older dog, it is important to do your research into the requirements of the breed before taking on the responsibility of caring for one successfully.The first thing to look at is the grooming needs of the lab. They are a labor intensive dog and you really need to be prepared to spend time with them on a regular basis.

Labradors shed their coats frequently and so you will need to vacuum a lot and brush them every day to minimize the mess. Labs also have a lot of oils and dirt in their fur which can cause them to develop skin disorders unless they are regularly washed. Grooming should be a set time each day that you devote to your dog and it should not be missed. You will also need to make sure that their ears are clean and free from infection and their teeth are also in good condition.The best food to feed a lab is one that is specifically formulated for active working dogs. This will contain all the nutrients and vitamins that they need in order to remain healthy and fit.

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