White Newfoundland Dog – Have You Met The Striking ‘Landseer’ Newfie

White Newfoundland Dog – Have You Met The Striking ‘Landseer’ Newfie?

The White Newfoundland breed originated from Newfoundland, a small island off the coast of Canada. They are known for their white fur and striking appearance. Their coats are very short and they have no undercoat which makes them look even better than their black counterparts. They make excellent family pets due to their docile nature and love of water.

Their popularity has grown tremendously over the years with many people adopting them into their homes. These dogs are often found playing fetch or retrieving toys from beneath the bed. Some owners even take these dogs swimming!

These dogs have been bred to be strong and sturdy so they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as cold winters, heavy snowfall, extreme heat waves, and other elements that would otherwise destroy most breeds of animals.

They have a long life span and live up to 20+ years. However, there are some health issues that need to be taken care of before then. For instance, they may develop eye problems if not kept clean. Other health concerns include hip dysplasia (a condition where the hips do not properly fit), heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2 (which causes high blood sugar levels) and liver disease.

It is important that potential owners keep a check on their diet, weight, exercise and medical care.

Grooming isn’t a regular necessity however it is necessary to brush their teeth and keep them clean. Dogs may need to be bathed depending on how much they’re swimming or playing in water. Usually when they come out of the water they will shake off all excess water onto the ground, soaking everything and everyone around them. It is best to bath these dogs when they are not in the mood to go swimming such as right after a meal or in the winter.

This breed of dog is one of the strongest and most beautiful ones out there. They love spending time with their families and will defend them with all their might. They are fairly easy to train and get along with kids however males may be slightly more aggressive and territorial than females.

Also Known As

Great White Dog, Gentle Doctor, Nasty Nick, Sea Dog, Kenneth, Newfoundland Hero, Newfy

Country of Origin: Canada

White Newfoundland Dog – Have You Met The Striking ‘Landseer’ Newfie - from our website

Weight: Male = 106 – 135 pounds. Female = 88 – 112 pounds

Height: Male = 28 – 32 inches. Female = 26 – 28 inches

Life Span: 10 – 12 years

Group: Working


Loves children


Strong, sturdy body able to withstand harsh, cold weather conditions

Good with other dogs and animals if socialized correctly when younger


Lots of grooming (regular baths, brushing fur and cleaning ears)

Needs room to run around and exercise indoors and outdoors

White Newfoundland Dog – Have You Met The Striking ‘Landseer’ Newfie - DogPuppySite

Prone to several health issues such as hip dysplasia, heart disease, eye problems and more


The White Newfoundland is a strong and powerful dog with a solid build. They have a strong head with floppy ears, a wide nose, and a tail that coils around their back legs. The coat is short and smooth with colors varying from white to light gray. While they are large, they are not as large as one would expect.

In fact, their size is comparable to that of a German Shepherd.

Also Known As

Labrador Retriever, Stoby, Water Dog, Fluffy, Black Intruder, Yellow Dog

Country of Origin: Canada

Weight: Male = 55 – 70 pounds. Female = 45 – 60 pounds

Height: Male = 21 – 23 inches.

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