White Yorkie – What Makes This Pale Pup So Special

White Yorkie – What Makes This Pale Pup So Special?

The pale pups are the most popular breed in the world. They are known as “the little dog that could” because they look like miniature dogs but weigh only 3 pounds or less! These adorable looking dogs come from all over the world and range in size from tiny to medium sized. The average weight of a white Yorkie puppy is around 5 lbs., while some may reach up to 6 lbs. They are very intelligent and love attention. White Yorkies are not only beautiful, but they’re also extremely loyal and loving.

What makes them so special?

Well, first of all their coloring is unique which means that there’s no other breed like them out there! Other breeds such as bulldogs, chihuahuas, dachshunds etc. have similar colors but don’t really compare to the uniqueness of a white Yorkie pup. Second, these are the only purebred white pups in existence. There aren’t any mixed breeds of white Yorkies anywhere else in the world. Finally, they are usually sold at pet stores for under $100 each and can cost much more if you want one for breeding purposes.

There are many different types of white Yorkies available today:

1) Standard White Pup (or “Pale”): They have a cream to white color.

They usually do not have any other colors mixed in except for some very light tan on their ears.

2) Parti-Color White Pup: They are mostly white in color but have patches of different colors mixed in such as black, tan, chocolate brown, and golden blonde.

These dogs were bred recently and there aren’t many of them.

3) Extreme White or “Bleached” Yorkie: Their coat is extremely light in color and almost appears to be “bleached.

4) Albino Yorkie: These have no color at all and their eyes are red.

They are extremely rare and were created by crossing a standard white with an albino.

5) Black and Tan: Also known as the “panda” pattern, they have a black and tan coloring over their entire body.

These dogs are also extremely rare.

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6) Blue Cream: These pups are mostly white in color but have blue-gray patches mixed in.

7) Chocolate and Tan: Their coat is mainly tan with brown or chocolate brown patches.

8) Golden or Blonde: Their coat is mainly blonde with some golden patches.

9) Red and White: These dogs have red and white patches all over their body.

They are also sometimes known as the “Irish” pattern.

10) Tortoiseshell or “Torti” (a.k.a.

Calico”): Their coat is a mixture of black, red, and gold.

In addition to the above colors, some rare breeds of white Yorkies come in a silver or bronzy color. These pups have unique coats that resemble the Siberian husky dog. The most unique trait about these dogs is that their eyes are sometimes blue and sometimes brown.

Most breeders will not sell these pups because it’s very difficult to tell what color their eyes will be until they get older.

Most people think that white pups are not as healthy as colored pups. This is a myth that has been around since the beginning of time and it’s completely untrue in the case of Yorkies. These little dogs are probably the only breed where there are more unhealthy Colored pups than unhealthy White ones.

Yorkies don’t have health problems because of their coat color. Coat color means nothing in the scheme of things. It’s all about how the pup was bred and what it’s parents and grand-parents look like.

White Yorkie – What Makes This Pale Pup So Special - DogPuppySite.com

The most popular concern that people have is that white Yorkies will get sunburned more easily. This is true to an extent but they are no more prone to burning than any other light skinned person or animal. Common sense should always be used when taking a white or any light colored dog out in the sun.

It’s always a good idea to put sunscreen on their ears, nose, and belly to prevent burning anyway. Even if a Yorkie does get a little red ears from time to time it doesn’t hurt them. It’s no big deal.

The best thing you can do for your pup is to keep them out of the sun as much as possible. If you live in an extremely sunny place you should probably keep your dog indoors or in the shade while they are young until their coat develops a protective layer.

Most people believe that white pups are more angelic looking or more pure. This is another myth. All dogs are individuals just like people.

They have their own personality and look just like people. Some pure white pups are angels and some aren’t. Yorkies come in a rainbow of colors for a reason. Each one is unique and should be celebrated as such. It’s what makes the world so beautiful!

Check out some unique coloring here!

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