Wolf Names – Over 300 Wild Name Ideas For Your Dog

Wolf Names – Over 300 Wild Name Ideas For Your Dog:

The following are some of the most popular wolf names. They are not all good but they do have their place in naming your dog. Some of them might sound funny or weird to you, so please don’t take offense if it doesn’t suit your taste. You may want to try out one or two of these ideas before making up your mind on which ones you like best!

Blackwolf – Black wolves are very ferocious creatures. They are known to attack any living thing that gets too close to them. A black wolf’s fur color varies from light brown to dark gray, though the darker colors tend to be more common among males. Males grow larger than females, reaching a maximum size of around six feet tall at the shoulder and weighing over 200 pounds (90 kilograms). Females are smaller than males, standing only five feet four inches tall and weighing just under 100 pounds (45 kg).

While black wolves are usually solitary animals, they will sometimes form packs of three or more individuals. Packs typically consist of several alpha members and a few subordinate members. Pack leaders lead the pack while other pack members serve as hunting companions and protectors. Male black wolves often become involved with the mating season when they mate with multiple females during their lifetime. The average life span of a black wolf in the wild is five to six years.

Black Wolf

Shadow Wolf – The Shadow Wolf is a creature that dwells in the darkness. It only comes out at night and only attacks when its foe is unprepared. The ShadowWolf feeds upon disease, decay, and all things foul since it thrives off of putrid substances. As a result, it has become immune to all poisons and its digestive system has become immune to all toxin based poisons and diseases. The Shadow Wolf is feared by all for it knows the element of surprise and the darkness is its ally.

It has extremely sharp teeth and nails that have the ability to tear through flesh, bone, and wood with ease. It can leap great distances with its powerful hind legs. The Shadow Wolf has an extremely sharp sense of smell and hearing enabling it to hunt down its prey from far away. The Shadow Wolf is a creature that belongs to no one ruled by its own desires and feral instincts, existing only to maim, kill, and feed.


Snow Wolf – The Snow Wolf is a creature that lives in the frigid tundras and fields of snow in the north. It stands two feet at the shoulder and is six feet long including its tail. It is an omnivore that primarily eats grass, small insects, berries, and fish. It has adapted to live in the freezing temperatures including a thick layer of fur and a small tail that keeps its body temperature regulated. While it has fierce teeth and claws, it prefers to run away rather than fight.

When it needs to, it can run faster than the speed of a horse and is able to leap great distances. It is commonly white in color with black patches. It has a strong maternal instinct to protect its young from anything that might threaten it.

Snow Wolf

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Wendigo – The Wendigo is a half man half beast creature that is a twisted perversion of both human and animal. It has long yellowed fangs that are clearly visible even when its mouth is closed. Its face is hairless and its ears are large like an animals, yet it walks upright like a man. It has extremely long arms that drag along the ground. It has thick fur covering its body.

The Wendigo is an evil spirit that possesses humans that have resorted to cannibalism out of starvation. When a human cannibalizes others they develop animal like qualities and become possessed by the evil spirit of the wendigo. They tend to live in the forests and snowy areas. Wendigos are extremely territorial and very few ever see one, let alone live to tell the tale. Wendigos possess an otherworldly strength far greater than that of an average human and can stay out in the coldest winter temperatures for days. They can only be killed by a silver weapon or by burning.


Elder Gargoyle – The Elder Gargoyles are the leaders among their kind. They are stronger, faster, and smarter than normal Gargoyles. These winged creatures have leathery wings and stand upright at eight feet tall. They are sometimes mistaken for statues until they move. Elder Gargoyles can fly and can sharpen their claws to a point and slice their enemies to ribbons.

Their skin is extremely hard making it difficult to damage them except in vital areas such as the head. These creatures are mostly found south of the Cloudpeake mountains. They are distrustful of humans and dwarves but occasionally join forces with orcs, who share a liking to stone buildings.


Snow Wraith – The Snow Wraith is a creature that has evolved to perfectly blend in with the wintery tundra and icy caves that it calls home. It’s nearly invisible against the snow and ice and can easily surprise its prey. It is a fast and intelligent creature, it waits for the perfect opportunity to strike before escaping. It never tires and waits for hours or even days for an opportunity. The Snow Wraith is a cunning being but it is still an animal, after killing it will feast on its prey until nothing is left.

It is known to eat both the dead and the living. The best way to deal with a Snow Wraith is to kill it from a distance with magic or flame before it can get close enough to pounce.

Snow Wraith

Shrieker – The shrieker is a plant like monster that relies on vibrations in the ground and its amazing sense of hearing to find its prey. It has no eyes but it can sense movement and once it detects you, it lets out a high pitched shriek to alert other creatures to your presence. They are usually found in groups near caves or underground where they feed off anything they find. They have several tentacles that shoot out sticky webbing that traps their prey. They then drag the victim underground where they are slowly digested over a number of weeks.

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They are very slow creatures that are easily killed but because of their webbing ability and loud shrieks, they tend to be very annoying for adventurers.

Snow Triceratops – The Snow Triceratops is an ancient creature that has been living in the northern reaches of the world since long before man or elf ever existed. It has survived the winters and it has survived the coming of the Great Lich Lord’s army. It is a hearty creature but it is also very lonely. The cold climate has made it shy and distrustful of strangers. It tends to avoid humans, but in the past few years as the world grows colder they have been appearing more often in human settlements.

Their appearance is alarming and causes much concern which is why the humans have taken to calling them “Ice Tricycles” but they are actually quite friendly if you don’t approach them. It is very possible that in the future humans and Triceratops will come to an agreement of sorts and we may see herds of the creatures working with humans and other intelligent races against the growing darkness.


Wendigo – The evil soul of a person who has gone mad spends eternity tormented by its hunger for flesh. These creatures are made entirely of that tortured soul and cursed to roam the land forever, constantly looking for food but never able to sate its hunger. Wendigos take the forms of how they looked in life but instead of flesh they are made of raw bloody muscles that are kept held together by glowing purple sinews. The only thing keeping these creatures moving is their unnatural hunger which drives them into a rage and causes them to attack anything nearby.

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