Your Golden Retriever Puppy : Getting Off To A Great Start

Golden Retriever Puppy: Getting Off To A Great Start

The first thing you need to know about your golden retriever puppy is that he will probably be very excited and possibly even scared at times. You must take care not to overstimulate him or give him too much attention. If you have a dog that is easily bored, then it may cause problems later on if he doesn’t learn what’s expected of him.

Your Golden Retriever Puppy: Getting Off To A Great Start

Getting Started With Your Golden Retriever Puppy

When you bring home a new puppy, there are many things you’ll want to consider before deciding whether to start training him right away or wait until he’s older. First, decide if he needs a name. Some dogs don’t, but others do.

Names aren’t necessary for most dogs; however, some names are better than others. This is a topic that could take hundreds of words to explore. For this reason, we won’t go into it here.

A more important aspect of the first few days with your new furry friend is to make sure you establish yourself as the alpha dog within the family pack. You should never do this in an aggressive manner, but by being persistent and showing him that you’re in charge.

Many people wonder if it’s important to spay or neuter their dog. The answer to this question is whatever you feel is in your dog’s best interest. With that said, it will have a minimal effect on his behavior toward other dogs and people, unless he already shows signs of aggression.

Even for the friendliest of dogs, spaying or neutering can lead to a longer life and decrease the chances for certain types of cancer. However, it’s important to remember that this is a surgery that has its own risks, such as infection, reaction to anesthetic, and even death.

As the alpha dog within the family pack, you’re often expected to make important decisions for the good of all. Be sure to listen to your family when they have opinions about major issues, such as getting a new dog or having a dog at all. With that said, you have to be the one who makes the final decision because, after all, you’re the alpha.

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One question you may ask is whether or not you need to get your dog on a leash when you take him out for a walk. You don’t always have to, but you should if there’s any chance that he’ll run off or chase another animal or human.

The first few days with your furry friend are all about establishing yourself as the leader of the family pack. Heed proper precautions, such as leashing him and making sure he has a name before you do any formal training.

My name is Mike, and this is my story. I’m an alpha dog here at Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer, but when I was a little puppy I had lots of chewing problems.

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